Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Philippians 1:6

Saturday was our last day out in the village.  I was able to spend the entire day with Winnifred, Sunday,  and Tonny.  This is the day we walked to the dam.  After we got back from our long walk I spent the rest of the day with Winnifred.  Although we play a lot, I feel like every minute can be used to teach her something about our amazing creator.  I feel like I have so much more to show Winnifred and teach her.  It is hard having to leave her but I am confident that Jesus will carry on what He started to completion and he does not need me to do that.  I have just been so overwhelmed that He has allowed me to be apart of what He is doing in the lives of these people and I have been there to experience it and see how big my God is.  Winnifred and I read the Bible together and I showed her different things that have meant a lot to me.  I love sitting there with her in her hut going through scripture and her truly wanting to learn.  I was there with her until a few hours before dinner.  I needed to go back and pack my stuff up since we would be leaving early the next morning.  Winnifred and I said goodbye, did our handshake, and gave each other huge hugs.  She pretty much tackled me! Before I left she said "Kasey, I promise I will read my Bible every morning and every night and I will pray for you everyday that you will stay safe and nothing bad happens to you."  My heart was full of joy and I just gave her a huge hug and a letter I had written her!
I then walked to Sunday and Tonny's house.  Tonny had left to go into town, but Sunday was sitting there outside his house.  He did not even want to look at me because he was so sad that we were leaving.  He was definitely not his usual, funny self.  He said that he does not want to be funny right now because we would be leaving soon.  I sat down and talked to him for a little while.  It broke my heart to see him how he was.  When I left we exchange letters and Emma came and got her letter from him.  We walked back to the house and a few minutes later Sunday was there at the gate telling us he just really does not want us to leave and how upset he was.  We told him to come back when Tonny got back from town.   After dinner Sunday and Tonny were at the gate.  Tonny said he had no words to describe how he was feeling about us leaving.  At one point we had talked about me not having any brothers in my family and he told me that I now have 2 brothers in Uganda and in Christ.  He said that he has felt like we have become so close in the past month and how he feels like the four of us have become best friends.  He said that he has learned so much from us and is so glad that we took the time to get to know them.  Tonny said that he would be praying for a way for us to get back because he knows that it will happen if it is suppose to.  Both him and Sunday were so sweet and I am really going to miss them.  I will definitely have to make a trip back! Leaving Uganda truly feels like I am leaving family.  We have spent everyday with these people, living life with them for an entire month.  God has truly blessed me being here and I have learned so much!

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