Sunday, June 17, 2012

Go and Make Disciples

Winnifred has been telling me about a place on her arm that has been hurting her.  I have looked at it everyday to see if it gets worse and it usually looks about the same.  It looks like a huge bump on her arm that is very swollen around it.  Winnifred's cousin, Irene, has it too and they have both been messing with it a lot.  On Friday when Winnifred and I got home from the school Irene was home and had a safety pin out trying to pop it.  I told her that probably wasnt a good idea but if she did stick a needle in her arm, she should probably stick the end of it in fire so it would be somewhat sterilized.  She understood and left it alone.  Yesterday I woke up early to go spend the day with Winnifred.  When I walked up Winnifred was popping the spot on Irene's arm and stuff was oozing out of it.  It was pretty gross.  Winnifred had already popped hers.  They told me it felt much better so I guess thats good.  Annett told me it was a skin disease and to pop it when it turned yellow so I guess they did the right thing.  Winnifed had to dig in her garden before she did anything else so I helped her dig and while she was digging she cut her toe open pretty bad with her hoe and it was bleeding very badly so we washed it off and took care of it as well as we could.  I put her feet in my lap to clean it out. Winnifred was a little surprised that I wanted to take care of her dirty feet, but she told me she was very thankful.
These people are willing to give us anything they have even if it means that they go hungry or go without.  Winnifred went and got me about 5 mangos that her grandmother had bought in town and told me to eat them.  It is very rude to not take the food that they offer so Winnifred and I ate one together.  She expected me to eat all five and when I told her one was enough she almost acted offended, but she took them back inside her hut for her family.  I sat there for a long time playing games and singing with Winnifred, Irene, and a few of the other girls that live in the village.  Winnifred's family has 2 goats which is a good source of food for these people so most of the people have multiple goats.  She told me that they needed to eat and that me and her were going to take them out to eat.  They had rope tied around their necks and she handed me one.  We led the goats out to the garden to eat the grass.  I left to go to Consey's to see what Emma was doing and seeing her plan for going back to eat lunch.  I greeted Consey, her daughters Prisca, Barbara, Joe Ann, and the other kids that were around.  Sunday, a boy that lives next to Consey, was outside reading something so I went and sat with him to see what it was.  Sunday and I have become friends so whenever I am in the village I make a point to go and see him.  He is 15 years old and has a brother named Tonny who is 22.  They are both extremely nice and always want to talk.  Sunday was reading a book composed of lots of different little stories.  In my backpack I had a Bible storybook of Cole's so I got it out to let him see it.  I had put a paper in the book of Bible verses that I wanted to read with Winnifred and Simon Peter.  Sunday opened right to that page and so he went inside his hut and got his Bible and we looked up all of the verses and went through and talked about them.  When I was leaving I told him to memorized John 3:16 and he told me he would have it memorized when I came back after lunch.  It was fun sitting there with him going through the different verses and talking about them.
I have been telling Winnifred I would wash clothes with her and that we could do it as soon as  I got back from lunch.  When I got back she was not at her house so I asked some of her friends where she was and they told me she went to the village.  I was not sure what that meant.  Emma and I walked to 
Consey's and her daughter, Barbara was there and told me she would go look for Winnifred.  While she was gone looking for her I ran into Sunday and he had memorized John 3:16. He needed a little help starting it but then recited it perfectly.  I was surprised he learned it that quickly and was so glad how eager to learn he was! Barbara came back saying she was down at the stream so I walked to the stream but couldnt find her so I went back to Consey's.  Sweet Barbara was determined to find her for me so we walked back down to the stream, to the rock quarry, to the boar hole, and then back up to her house and she was at her house.  We must have just missed each other but I had run all around the village looking for her and of course she thought it was hilarious.  She ran to meet me and jumped up on me.  About that time Simon came home and so we sat by their hut and hung out.  Sara came up and sat with us.  Simon had gotten packs of little cookies that he gave to each of us.  He told us we were celebrating us being there.  He also gave Sara and I sprites.  We tried to convince him to stop giving us food and drinks but he refused to listen to us.  We told him he was way too nice and that giving us stuff was not necessary, but he just laughed.  We spent a long time there sitting and talking to them.  They are Catholic so we talked about the differences between Catholics and Protestants.  Winnifred and I have been talking about reading the Bible together so she got hers out which was not an actual Bible but a Catholic song book.  She told me what it was saying and we discussed that for a little while.  I got out my bible and flipped open to John 3:16.  She read it to me and I encouraged her to memorize it and she said she would.  I told her on Monday morning we could recite it on the way to school together.  Simon told me he would help her learn it.  I want to start getting her to memorize scripture.  I think it would be very easy for her to do she just needs the encouragement and discipline to do it.
Winnifred and I went and got water from the boar hole together.  Today she had a huge jerry can.  After we filled it with water she wanted me to help her lift it and put it on her head so I did.  She walked two steps and almost dropped it so she told me to try to carry it on my head.  We both lifted it onto my head.  It was so heavy.  By the time I got back I felt a few inches shorter from the jerry can pressing down on me.  Simon was so impressed that I had carried it and so was I!  
Winnifred and I went down to the rock quarry where a ton of the people in the village work.  They sit there and break rocks and get paid for it.  Winnifred's grandmother was down there so we went to help her.  Winnifred gave me a hammer so I could break the rocks.  She would put the rocks down and I would break them.  We sang together while we worked and started memorizing John 3:16.  I would say a part and she would repeat after me.  I love being with Winnifred!  She is so much fun to be with and she always tells me how much she loves me.  Yesterday was such a good day doing life and working along side Winnifred , Simon , and everyone else!

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