Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Power, No Water = Bore Hole

Last night was definitely a fun adventure! To begin with, while we were having devotion we were attacked by "white ants" which are HUGE termites.  When it rains these white ants come out by the hundreds.  Ugandans collect them, fry them, and eat them.  Supposedly they taste pretty good but I have yet to try them.  They somehow kept getting in the house.  Needless to say, our concentration definitely was not all there.  While Sara was washing dishes the water went completely out.  So with no power or water, we made a group decision to take a trip to the boar hole in the village where everyone there gets their water.  We all piled in Matt's car with our "jerry cans" or our big water jugs and made the trip to the village.  We parked and as soon as we got there, kids came running to the car.  We all got out and when we got to the boar hole there was a long line of people waiting to get water as well.  So, we all just hung out there with the kids playing and taking pictures.  We finally got all of our jugs filled and, being in Uganda, we just had to carry them back to the car on our heads.  They were extremely heavy.  Sunday, one of the boys in the village, had to help me get it on my head and he could not stop laughing at me.  It was a good thing we come out to the village so much because by the time we left it was pitch black dark and couldn't see a thing.  Annet was walking behind me with her jug full of water on her head and she screamed so loud and said "This thing is squishing me!" haha which made me laugh which did not make carrying that thing any easier.  When I reached the car and got it off my head I literally felt a few inches shorter.  We all piled back in the car and Matt realized he had broken the car key in half.  With no such thing as a spare key in Uganda, he stuck the end of the key down in the ignition and pushed it down with the other half and turned it and it came on! We made it back to the house and then the water came back on! It was definitely worth the adventure though!

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